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Sam Devlin

Sam Devlin

Sam has been the Chief Auctioneer for the Harcourts M1 team since 2014. In addition to this Sam has run, built and managed his namesake Auctioneering business, Sam Devlin Auctions, since 2011. That business, which is still operational, has ensured Sam’s position as one of the leading real estate identities in the State. He has, over the last 5 years, worked inside more than 100 real estate offices in Queensland, working alongside and training/mentoring some of the State’s best sales people. This has allowed Sam to develop first class negotiation skills as he has been the appointed auctioneer to over 5000 property auctions. 

As an acclaimed industry speaker and mentor to hundreds of real estate agents you will benefit by having Sam and his knowledge on your side, as his sole aim is to ensure a premium price is achieved for his clients. 

With results achieved as high as $1.19 million dollars above reserve price expectations- his results quite literally speak for themselves. 

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